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RED JASPER - ROOT CHAKRA -Great for promoting vitality creativity and courage an awesome stone for grounding


CARNELIAN - SACRAL CHAKRA- Grounding Stabilizing Promotes courage Helps strengthens willpower and motivation


TIGER'S EYE - SOLAR PLEXUS - Helps you step in your personal power and over come emotional blocks 


GREEN AVERNTURINE - HEART CHAKRA- Promotes compassion and empathy for others


SODALITE - THROAT CHAKRA - A stone of awakening helps achieve emotional balance


AMETHYST - THIRD EYE CHAKRA- great for energy healing balncing all chakras 


CLEAR QUARTZ - CROWN CHAKRA -helps in charging other crystals, doubling and even tripling their vibrational healing energies in order to help  heal your crown chakra, 

Chakra sets

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